Frequently Asked Questions

QHow much yeast is in the Imperial Pitch Right pouch?

200 Billion cells.

QIf I add one pouch to 5 gallons of wort, what is the resulting pitch rate?

10.5 million cells/ml

QDo I need to make a starter before pitching the yeast?

The Pitch Right pouches were designed to give homebrewers enough yeast to direct pitch 5 gallons of wort. If the volume of the wort exceeds 5 gallons or the original gravity of the wort is higher than 1.070 (17P) more yeast may be required.

QIf I want to use a Pitch Right pouch in a starter, how big should the starter be?

Because there is so much yeast in each Pitch Right pouch, we do not recommend making starters smaller than 4 liters without a stir plate, or 2 liters with a stir plate.  This will give you about the same amount of yeast contained in two Pitch Right pouches.

QHow long can I store Imperial Yeast Pitch Right pouches prior to use?

We recommend using the freshest yeast possible and back our yeast for 3 months past the manufactured-on date. Because we package 200 Billion cells in each pouch, the actual shelf life of the Pitch Right pouches may be much longer.

QI froze my yeast, is it still alright?

We recommend not using the yeast if it has been frozen. That said, slowly thaw the pouch in a refrigerated environment, once the pouch is thawed it will be ready to pitch. Internal testing concluded around a 20-30% viability decrease.

QDo I still need to aerate or oxygenate my wort if I’m using the Pitch Right pouch?


QIsn’t all yeast “organic”?

That depends on what you mean by organic. All Imperial Yeast products are USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. Therefore, we cannot use synthetic chemicals, GMO sugars, petroleum-based chemicals, and other unnatural ingredients to grow the yeast you are using in your beer.

QIs your yeast gluten free?

No, it is not. The primary sugar source that makes up our growth media is organic barley malt extract.

What’s the best way to open and pitch the Imperial Pitch Right home brew pouches?

  1. Store refrigerated until ready to pitch.
  2. Shake and kneed pouch to homogenize slurry.
  3. Sanitize the sealed pouch.
  4. Open and pitch entire contents into the well-aerated wort.