Gluten Free Yeast For Commercial Brewers

Brewers have made tremendous advances brewing delicious gluten free beer. One piece of the puzzle that was missing was access to a wide selection of high quality liquid yeast. No more! Imperial Yeast now has the ability to produce any of our strains using completely gluten free inputs.

The world of gluten free fermented beverages has more going on now than ever before: cider, hard kombucha, hard seltzer, and award-winning beer. By tweaking our existing production process Imperial Yeast can now produce any yeast strain in our bank gluten free. We will have lab results on file for every lot measured via the R-Biopharm RIDASCREEN® Gliadin competitive assay.

Gluten free yeast is a special order for all strains, all quantities. Additional lead time will be required: please plan on at least 4 weeks. Contact customer service below for more information.

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