Mixed Culture Beers

Mixed culture fermentations are magical. Brewers often mix yeast strains with brett and lacto to create a beverage that is at once funky and tart, subtle and satisfying. These beers are often wood aged and complex, bringing to the table flavors and aromas that create a drinking experience not to be forgotten.

  • Brett Beer

    Most often drier and fruitier than the base style suggests. Funky notes range from low to high, depending on the age of the beer and strain(s) of Brett used. Funkiness is generally restrained in younger 100% Brett examples, but tends to increase with age. May possess a light acidity, although this does not come from Brett.

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  • Flanders Red Ale

    A sour, fruity, red wine-like Belgian-style ale with interesting supportive malt flavors and fruit complexity. The dry finish and tannin completes the mental image of a fine red wine.

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  • Gueuze

    A complex, pleasantly sour but balanced wild Belgian wheat beer that is highly carbonated and very refreshing. The spontaneous fermentation character can provide a very interesting complexity, with a wide range of wild barnyard, horse blanket, or leather characteristics intermingling with citrusy-fruity flavors and acidity.

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  • Lambic

    A fairly sour, often moderately funky wild Belgian wheat beer with sourness taking the place of hop bitterness in the balance. Traditionally spontaneously fermented in the Brussels area and served uncarbonated, the refreshing acidity makes for a very pleasant café drink.

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  • Oud Bruin

    A malty, fruity, aged, somewhat sour Belgian-style brown ale.

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