Belgian Ale


68–90F (20–32C)
Alcohol Tolerance:

Are you stalling? When are you going to finish?

Filibuster is a unique saison strain that will take off like normal ale yeast. The fermentation will then typically slow, or completely stall, half way through and could leave you waiting days to weeks for it to finish

The fermentation could be complete in a few days if used at the high end of the temperature range. During this time, Filibuster will crank out clove and bubble gum aromas. High temp fermentations could also lead to elevated fusel levels

Filibuster works best when blended or co-pitched with other strains. This strain is not a part of our core availability line up, please call or email for lead time and specifics.


Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus

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