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A dry powdered nutrient blend designed to increase zinc, calcium, phosphate and magnesium levels in brewers wort to optimize healthy cell growth.

Typical Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance: White-Beige Colored Powder.

  • Analyte Specification Results of Analysis Method.
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen: <1% Passed AOAC 2001.11 (mod.)
Zinc: >6000ppm Passed 2014.11 (mod)6

Typical Microbiological Properties

Aerobic Plate Count: <100,000 cfu/g Passed AOAC 990.12 (Petrifilm)
Total Coliforms: <100 cfu/g Passed AOAC 991.14 (Petrifilm)
Mold (RAPID Petrifilm):  < 2500 cfu/g Passed AOAC 2014.05 (RAPID)
Mold (RAPID Petrifilm):  < 2500 cfu/g Passed AOAC 2014.05 (RAPID)
Yeast (RAPID Petrifilm): < 500 cfu/g Passed AOAC 2014.05 (RAPID)
Salmonella spp.:  Neg(-) /25g Passed AOAC 2016.013
E.coli:  < 3 cfu/g Passed AOAC 991.14 (Petrifilm)
E.coli: O157:H7 Neg.(-) /25g Passed AOAC 2017.015

Product Usage

Pitch Rate

Desired pitch rates may vary with fermentation conditions.

* Dial in your fermentation with our brewing calculators.

Wort Volume (Bbl) Liters Pitched Pitch Rate (cells/ml)
1 0.5 5,500,000
1 1.0 11,000,000
1 1.5 16,500,000
1 2.0 22,000,000

Pitch Temp.

Directly add refrigerated yeast slurry to wort at the desired fermentation temperature.


Oxygenate wort to achieve a DO range of 15-25ppm DO.


  • Rigid 1,2,4, and 8L food grade HDPE containers.
  • Volume per container dependent on order size.


Kosher Pareve


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