Industry Leading Pitch Rates

Our recommendation of 1L/BBL yields a pitch rate of 11 million cells/ml. You'll see shorter lag times, shorter tank residency times, and more consistent fermentations. Healthier yeast yields more re-pitches, higher generations and lower yeast costs.

Are you brewing high gravity beer or looking for a specific flavor or aroma profile? No problem! Imperial is happy to dial in custom quantities based off batch size, starting gravity and desired pitch rate. 

Imperial Quality Control

All our yeast is put through industry leading quality control methods that are current and transparent. Imperial is happy to provide lot specific COAs upon request. Interested in learning more? Send us an email or call today! 

Strain Banking and Special Orders

Choice of yeast strain is an excellent way to differentiate your beer. We have dozens of tried-and-true strains in our bank beyond what's in our core lineup. These strains are available with a special order of at least 10 liters and lead time is normally 2-3 weeks. If you’d like to bank a yeast or bacteria we would be happy to help; for a one time fee we will isolate your strain and bank it in our cryogenic freezers in two separate locations for your security.

Technical Support and Service

Our team has decades of experience surrounding fermentation science. We pride ourselves on quick service and no-nonsense answers you will find to be both practical and reliable. Each member of our team comes from some aspect of the brewing industry, be it head brewer, cellar-person, packaging, sales, or running a homebrew shop. We know what you do and we’re here to help.

Smart Packaging

Imperial Yeast’s professional pitches come in wide-mouth, rigid containers with tamper evident seals and a handle. We understand that ease of use is a priority when it comes to pitching yeast and that your brew day doesn't need any additional hassles.