Organic Commercial Pitches

Imperial Yeast certified organic pitches are just a fraction of the cost of other laboratories. Each commercial pitch can be dialed into your specific batch size and gravity, if in stock within a few days, or with a 2-3 week lead time for propagations.

In Stock or Your Order Ships FREE!

A38 Juice, A07 Flagship, L13 Global commercial orders up to 20L are guaranteed in-stock and available to ship in 24 hours (Imperial ships Monday thru Thursday) or the shipping is FREE.

Imperial Quality Control

All of our yeast is put through industry-leading QC standards, and then concentrated or diluted to the same cell count no matter the strain. This means your fermentations are consistent and fast, allowing you to schedule tanks efficiently and make more beer.

Private Strain Banking

We offer Strain Banking free with a minimum 10 liter per year order. Strains are stored on and off site for your security.

Large Selection

In addition to what’s listed here, we have over 100 strains in the bank. If you are looking for a specific strain or flavor profile, give us a call. We are happy to grow anything with a 10 liter minimum order.


We run a business and know that money can be tight in this industry. We are always available to help dial-in propagation schemes.

Smart Packaging

Imperial Yeast’s commercial pitches come in wide mouth, rigid containers with a handle and tamper-evident seal. We know from experience that the last thing you want is to deal with is a leaky package or to try and manage a bag while you have an open fermenter.

The Right Amount = the Right Pitch

We firmly believe that starting with the correct amount of yeast is paramount in creating consistent flavor profiles, tank residency time, and viable yeast for your next brew. Our recommended pitch rate of 1L/BBL will yield 11 million cells/mL will absolutely crush standard gravity beers. Gone are the days of getting a pitch that you have to baby in low gravity beers or schedule extra days on your first generation.

Technical Support and Service

Jess Caudill, Jason Stepper, and Owen Lingley have over twenty five years of combined experience in liquid yeast. We pride ourselves on quick service and no-nonsense answers. In addition to our liquid yeast experience, our staff has over forty-five years experience in other various aspects of craft brewing, from head brewer, sales, and cellar positions. We understand what you do and are here to help.