Organic Yeast Strains

Grown in Portland, Oregon

Any of our yeast strains can be grown on gluten free media with a minimum order and extended lead time. Please call or email for more information about gluten free


  • A01 House

    Extremely versatile English ale strain, allowing both malt and hops to shine.

  • A04 Barbarian

    Excellent yeast strain for any hop forward beers. Wonderfully suited for juicy, hazy New England IPAs.

  • A05 Voyager

    Clean, moderate ester producer. Fine choice for a wide range of styles.

  • A07 Flagship

    Commonly referred to as "chico" this yeast is a craft brewing standard, loved for its extremely clean character.

  • A09 Pub

    Beloved and highly flocculent British ale strain. Well suited for a variety of beer styles.

  • A10 Darkness

    Brewers love this yeast strain for dark beers. Its high alcohol tolerance make it a go-to for big beers.

  • A15 Independence

    American ale yeast strain, slightly ester forward and loves to play with hops.

  • A18 Joystick

    Clean American brewing yeast strain. Excellent choice for big, high alcohol, hoppy beers.

  • A20 Citrus

    Wild saccharomyces yeast strain known to produce a huge citrus fruit ester profile.

  • A24 Dry Hop

    A blend of two highly popular yeast strains, well suited for hop forward beers.

  • A30 Corporate

    Wonderful choice for hop forward beers, lovely clean profile that accentuates hops just right.

  • A31 Tartan

    Traditional Scottish brewers yeast strain, well suited for malt forward beers.

  • A34 Julius

    Esters of oranges, lemons, and apricots combine to create hop forward beer perfection

  • A37 POG

    Single isolate kveik known to produce huge tropical ester profile

  • A38 Juice

    The go-to for juicy, hazy, NE IPAs. Hardly a one-trick pony, it can also be a great choice as a house ale strain.

  • A43 Loki

    Norwegian Voss Kveik Strain. Highly versatile, can be used in a wide variety of beer styles.

  • A44 Kveiking

    Blend of 3 kveik strains conquers wort, leaving tropical fruit flavors in its wake.

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