Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common yeast questions

  • How much yeast is in the Imperial Pitch Right pouch?

    200 billion cells, designed to inoculate 5 gallons (19L) of standard gravity wort.

  • If I add one pouch to 5 gallons of wort, what is the resulting pitch rate?

    10.5 million cells/ml

  • Do I need to make a starter before pitching the yeast?

    If you are brewing more than 5 gallons (19L), making a high gravity wort (above 17 °P or 1.070 SG), or have a pack that is older than 3 months then we recommend making a starter. Pitch one pack into either a stirred 2L starter or an unstirred 4L starter.

  • How long can I store Imperial Yeast Pitch Right pouches prior to use?

    We recommend using the freshest possible yeast and we back our yeast for 3 months from the manufacture date on the front of the pouch. If you find yourself with a pouch past its expiration date, we recommend making a starter. 

  • I froze my yeast, is it still alright?

    Please try to store your yeast at 33-35°F (~1°C). If you accidentally freeze your yeast, thaw slowly: in a refrigerator. Experience has shown that the yeast will survive the freezing and thawing, but we recommend making a starter if this happens. 

  • Do I still need to aerate or oxygenate my wort if I’m using the Pitch Right pouch?

    Yes, absolutely. Standard fermentations require around 12-15 ppm wort DO. When using A38 Juice, it's important to increase this to at least 20-25 ppm wort DO, or increase the oxygen flow regulator to 50% higher than normal. 

  • Isn’t all yeast “organic”?

    That depends on what you mean by organic. All Imperial Yeast's products are USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. Therefore, we cannot use synthetic chemicals, GMO sugars, petroleum-based chemicals, or any other non-organic ingredients to grow our yeast.

  • Is your yeast gluten free?

    No, it is not. The primary nutrient source that makes up our growth media is organic barley malt extract.