About Imperial Yeast

Be good to people. Be good to wort.

Our Story

Pitch Right

Imperial Yeast was founded on the ideal that if you are going to do something, do it right. Through our many years experience in liquid yeast and craft brewing we understood that home and pro brewers alike needed access to better yeast, service, and support. We are continuously working to improve our processes, service, and products. Our staff has decades invested in liquid yeast and professional brewing, alongside countless afternoons and evenings spent homebrewing. Conveniently located in Portland, OR and Philadelphia, PA we are here to provide you with the best yeast, best customer service, and best technical support available.

We are a motley crew of Sci-Fi geeks, cyclists, D&D nerds, gardeners and rock obsessed weirdos united by our passion for the craft beer industry. If you’d like to come see what we’re doing and meet real life yeast farmers, please drop by; we’re proud of what we do and love to show it off.

We understand the day-to-day challenges of brewing and we care about your success. We can't wait to hear from you! Drop us a line or give us a call anytime- we are here to help.

-Team Imperial 

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the entire Imperial Yeast team. Their quality of customer service is second to none and we have been very satisfied with their yeast culture quality and performance. They have always been super accommodating to all of our needs here at pFriem and we look forward to continued partnership with Imperial Yeast.

Max Kravitz
QC Laboratory Manager

pFriem Family Brewers

My favorite thing about working with Imperial Organic Yeast is just simply that they get it. They are a company that offers outstanding customer service, makes a great product and stands behind it, and they are wonderful, fun people who love what they do.

David Curtis
Manager Bell's General Store

Bell's Brewery

We exclusively bank our house yeast with Imperial, and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality, communication, and service they offer. Working with them is as easy and automatic as it comes!

Steve Luke

Cloudburst Brewing

We've been using Imperial since we started brewing, and they started selling yeast. They are always available to answer questions, give advice and address concerns we may be having in production. We bank some of our most important strains with them, and have peace of mind that their customer service is always top notch, and their yeast is always fresh and arrives quickly.

Colin Lenfesty
Co-Owner and Head Brewer

Holy Mountain

Imperial’s products and customer service are second to none. It is always a pleasure to deal with their team when placing orders. They have also been very flexible the few times production issues have led to the rescheduling of a yeast order. Imperial’s yeast, in combination with our acclimation process, has been instrumental in building a robust bottle conditioning process here at Cascade – not an easy task when dealing with a low pH and high alcohol environment. Thank you Team Imperial!

Norm Stokes
Cellar Manager

Cascade Brewing

Imperial Organic Yeast has been our sole supplier of yeast since 2015 and their product has been featured prominently in every one of our GABF and WBC winning beers. They have been able to keep up with the ever increasing demands of our production and provide excellent customer service and technical support along the way. We couldn’t ask for a better relationship with a vendor.

Brett Thomas
Head Brewer

Sunriver Brewing Company

Imperial Yeast has been an incredible partner in our mission to produce certified organic beers. As the only Organic yeast producer in the Pacific Northwest they have produced a wide array of pitchable yeast for our large portfolio of beers. We are confident in the quality and pitch rate we receive with each fresh pitch from Imperial Yeast.

Justin Miller
Head Brewer

Hopworks Urban Brewing

Imperial has great customer service, and is a great source for unique yeast strains.

Ian Smith

Allagash Brewing

Imperial is always there to help us get the yeast we need when we need it. Their amazing team makes ordering quick and easy, and they are always there to assist with the many questions and requests we throw their way! We always have a handful of beers happily fermenting away with their yeast!

Amanda Oberbroeckling
Lab Technician

Odd13 Brewing Inc.

Not only is the Imperial crew full of really great people, their product quality, customer service and attention to detail is what keeps us coming back again and again. At this point, all the other yeast labs are dead to us...sorry other yeast labs.

Ben Parsons and Rik Hall

Baerlic Brewing

If you want to make the juiciest, haziest, and most expressive IPAs, you need to be using Imperial Yeast!

Joe Mohrfeld
Director of Brewing

Pinthouse Pizza

Imperial Yeast has amazingly short lead times. We can count on quality service with every order.

Tonya Cornett
R&D Brewmaster

10 Barrel Brewing

We trust Imperial to deliver excellent yeast and bacteria for our brewing needs.

John Harris
Brewmaster and Founder

Ecliptic Brewing